‘The God-direct path is about accepting our own divinity. As we use the keys, or use any method of processing the limited ego that is pushed and pulled by its desires, fears, attractions and repulsions, we ascend into that knowledge of our true Self. We return to the conscious awareness of that which we truly are and have always been – eternal Oneness.’
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In Summary

In a series of eight experiential lessons, you can unlock doorways between your major chakras to ascend in consciousness.


People have travelled far and wide in search of spiritual wisdom. India, Nepal, and South America have all become locations where Westerners flock to find a guru who might offer the insights we all sense are lacking in our world. Yet according to Leslie Temple-Thurston and her life partner Brad Laughlin, the greatest guru is not found on the highest peaks nor in the thickest jungles but deep within our own hearts. Together, the couple formed the organisation CoreLight to teach vital lessons in personal growth and transformation. Over the past few decades, thousands have been trained in their teachings of Self-discovery.

The first edition of their work Returning to Oneness: The Seven Keys of Ascension was published in 2002 and was the result of Leslie’s direct, telepathic communication with spiritual guides. This revised and updated 2020 edition includes an additional Eighth Key revealed to Leslie shortly after the first publication.


The goal of human life is ascension: the awakening of a conscious state of enlightenment. The eight keys presented in Returning to Oneness accelerate the process of ascension. Each key involves an understanding of the blockages and limitations of our own making, processes for releasing ourselves from our limitations, a prayer and meditation.


The First Key, labelled ‘Do not believe in loss or gain’, unlocks a path between the fifth and sixth chakras.This involves learning to view life from a neutral perspective that transcends the egoic tendency to strive for more ‘stuff’. Since we are, fundamentally, one with all things, we cannot ever lose or gain anything. Learning this eliminates all neediness, fear of loss, and greed.


The Second Key, called ‘Forgive all betrayals’, frees the gate between the third and fourth chakras. This key teaches us that the offences we hold against others are unreal. Forgiveness frees us from the illusion of separation.


The Third Key is used for the awakening of the throat chakra. This step, called ‘Not my will but Thine’, awakens our creativity and participation in the activity of the Creator. Here, we recognise our will as being ‘on loan’ from the Divine.


The Fourth Key, between the first and second chakras, teaches us to ‘Have faith in the support of the invisible realms.’ Because we have become locked into a narrow vibratory bandwidth, we have lost sight of the interdimensional doorways open to us.


The Fifth Key, between the second and third chakras, is ‘View the ego impersonally’. The goal at this stage is not to lose your individuality, but rather to witness your ego with its various likes and dislikes.

From here, you can unlock the Sixth Key, located below the first chakra, which is ‘Accept your death’. Once you realise your true Self cannot die, all fear dissipates. By removing the fear of death, the root chakra opens and allows kundalini energy to rise.


The Seventh Key is ‘Accept your divinity’. This frees the blockages between the third eye and your crown chakra and enables the realisation of yourself as one with the divine Self.


In this latest, updated edition Temple-Thurston and Laughlin added a new, Eighth Key: ‘Don’t worry, be happy’; this key is associated with the thymus chakra (between the throat and heart).This chakra helps us to open up to our true cosmic nature and provides a bridge to other dimensions. Its emergence signals the dawning of a new humanity, and its energy can be accessed through joy.


Temple-Thurston and Laughlin assert that we are on the verge of a new age for humanity. As such, Returning to Oneness has both personal and universal applications, and the authors ensure these eight steps are made as easy as possible to accomplish. Readers are not merely provided with abstract spiritual facts but guided step-by-step on how they can apply these keys and their associated lessons in their own lives. Personal testimonies also litter the pages and provide grounded examples of how these keys can affect our lives and our perception of reality.

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Temple-Thurston and Laughlin have also co-authored The Marriage of Spirit: Enlightened Living in Today’s World. Laughlin has independently written Living with Enlightenment: A Journey of Love and Discovering Archangel Michael: A Pilgrimage to Sacred Sites in Ancient Europe.

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