In service to those souls in our world who want to grow and live consciously in Truth, Wisdom, and Love


LightEn is a charitable organisation and educational platform. Our work is focused on signposting pathways that have the potential to raise consciousness and help humanity embody the highest levels of love and wisdom we all hold at our core.

Pathways to the Soul

We believe there are many pathways to the soul and our aim is to provide signposts to light some that stand out as truly excellent. We do so because we believe that soul connection and embodiment have the power to inspire and enable us to live the best version of ourselves, and in so doing step into true service to Self, others, and the planet.

Our Two Main Pathways

Our service has two main pathways: a grant giving path which supports the work of individuals and organisations holding visions in alignment with our own; and a content path that focuses on curating and creating highly selective, excellent educational content in the form of literature, meditations, and experiential online teaching. Our content is freely available to all.

Grant Programme

LightEn is a grant making charity that supports educational centres, research projects, teachers, thought leaders, and fellows across more than 30 countries.
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Library of Light

The Library is here to help guide our collective search for Self, inspiration, solace, perspective, wisdom, comfort, truth and enlightenment in whatever form that takes.
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Library of Light

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Grant Programme

LightEn supports organisations and individuals who demonstrate excellence in spiritual education and are truly dedicated to service.

Grant Recipient

School of Wholeness & Enlightenment

LightEn is honoured to support SoWE and its building of the Mountain Jewel state-of-the-art facility in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, USA. Once complete, the Centre will provide a full spectrum of learning opportunities with a spectacular auditorium, healing centre, and onsite accommodations.
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Grant Recipient

Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness

ZRSOC aims to give human beings the tools of self-transformation so that they can connect with greater wisdom and change this world. We seek students who know that by rebuilding ourself we unlock the power to rebuild our future. Zulma Reyo is an educator, writer, and speaker.
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Grant Recipient

The Conference For Consciousness & Human Evolution

TCCHE, The Conference for Consciousness & Human Evolution, is a non-profit organisation that creates, and hosts conferences, events and online programmes providing education around consciousness and spiritual development.
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LightEn Founders

LightEn is founded by Dr Kylie Hohn and Sir Christopher Hohn. While they collaborate as a team in their vision for the organisation, Kylie serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

Dr Kylie Hohn
Co-founder and CEO

Dr Kylie Hohn has been involved in education for over twenty years. She has a PhD from Harvard and was tenured faculty at the University of Cambridge and Fellow at Trinity Hall for fifteen years. She has studied at universities in New Zealand, Russia, Canada, and the United States, and has taught in the United States (Harvard) and the United Kingdom (the University of Cambridge). Having been so intimately involved in excellence in more traditional education, Kylie is passionate about playing a role in bringing about excellence in education that seeks to connect and balance mind and “sentient” intelligence in our world, in turn empowering humanity to navigate and create our world embodying the highest levels of wisdom and love we all hold at the very core of our being.

Sir Christopher Hohn

Sir Christopher Hohn is the founder of a hedge fund called The Children's Investment Fund (TCI) based in London. Through donation of the hedge fund's profits he endowed the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). CIFF is focused on improving the lives of children in poverty in sub-Saharan Africa and India. Key areas of focus include climate change, family planning, malnutrition, neglected tropical diseases and anti-human trafficking work. He has an MBA (high distinction) from Harvard Business School.

A Sanctuary for Spiritual and Transformational Growth

The co-founders invite teachers and students in service to humanity to this private estate in Spain, which is a sanctuary for spiritual and transformational growth. Guests are invited to feel at home whilst experiencing the highest standards of spiritual education from teachers who are in residence.