Grant Programme

LightEn supports organisations and individuals who demonstrate excellence in spiritual education and are truly dedicated to service. We believe there are great shifts in consciousness occurring on the planet and, as a result, the educational needs of humanity are shifting and evolving.  

We collaborate with our partners in the spirit of deeper connection and meaningful support rather than traditional grant-giving. We have a flexible funding model which offers multiple ways for our partners to evolve, flourish and grow.

Grant Programme

LightEn supports organisations and individuals who demonstrate excellence in spiritual education and are truly dedicated to service.

Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness

The Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness (ZRSOC) is a teacher training school where the principles of Inner Alchemy are taught. The purpose of the School is to teach the tools of self-transformation, enabling those who go through it to connect with greater wisdom and help change this world.
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SoWE School of Wholeness & Enlightenment

SoWE is a global project that will serve as an educational bridge between the world as we have known it, and the new paradigm awakening within humanity. SoWE is for people from all walks of life, and all ways of being. SoWE is for anybody who is interested in discovery and awakening - living in harmony with themselves, society, and our planet.
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The Conference for Consciousness & Human Evolution

TCCHE, The Conference for Consciousness & Human Evolution, is a non-profit organisation that creates and hosts conferences, events and online programmes providing education around consciousness and spiritual development.
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CoreLight is an organisation run by two exceptional teachers, Brad Laughlin and Leslie Temple-Thurston, whose passion is to create positive change in the world by fostering inner peace amongst individuals and outer peace through humanitarian service. The focus of their work is dedicated to the awakening of humanity and the healing of the Earth.

CoreLight’s teachings focus on the premise that the only way to accomplish this is through each person’s willingness to take responsibility for their own transformation, as well as to collaborate with others in the work of creating change.

Both Leslie and Brad's lives have been dedicated to this practice and to supporting others on their own journey. We are honoured to be supporting CoreLight and have recently re-published the important spiritual work, ‘The Marriage of Spirit’ which is included in our Library of Light freely available for all.
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LightEn Fellowship Grants

LightEn provides fellowship grants to individuals dedicated to true excellence in their spiritual educational service to humanity. Such service could include teaching, talks, courses, workshops, writing, video and documentary production, and other activities with the potential to be of great benefit to humanity.

LightEn Incubator Programme

Our Incubator Programme is here to help support and nurture organisations and individuals to realise their full potential.

LightEn Writer's Programme

Our Writer's Programme offers fellowships to individuals to enable them to create their own spiritual educational content. We offer full support including copy editing and publishing across audio, digital and print forms.
We identify opportunities for our programmes and are not able to accept unsolicited proposals.