'Become a part of the bridge between Heaven and Earth, between the present age and the new, between that which you appear to be and the Shining One which is your soul.'
A talk by Stanton Stevens, based on the teachings in the book 'The Rainbow Bridge' by Two Disciples (2015)
Rainbow Bridge Visual Meditation
Book content from Two Disciples and Colleen Stevens
The Rainbow Bridge (1981)
Two Disciples
In Summary

Bridge your lower and higher self, unleashing cosmic energy and soul unto the world of matter.


The listed author of The Rainbow Bridge, ‘Two Disciples’, consists of two individuals named Josephine and Norman Stevens, who were quite literally two disciples of the theosophical tradition. They chose to remain anonymous, partly due to their humble desire to emphasise the message over the messenger and partly because it was not actually their own message to begin with. Josephine had previously been the secretary for Alice Bailey, who telepathically channelled the words of Djwal Khul, a Tibetan monk, resulting in over 20 books. Basing her teaching on a series of quotations from Bailey’s works, Josephine was said to have great depth of spiritual vision and was purportedly clairvoyant. This gift enabled her to verify the teachings of The Rainbow Bridge to an eerily accurate degree, confirming minute details around the concepts of the bridge, the Soul Star, and the auric cages surrounding us all. Her husband, Norman Stevens, studied at MIT and for nearly a decade had been a director of the Lucis Trust, an organisation founded by Alice Bailey and focused on esoteric philosophy. The Rainbow Bridge originally came out in two volumes: Phase 1 and Phase 2. This summary covers both phases, which were also published in a single volume in the 1980s.


Our bodies are shrouded by illusions, beliefs, thoughtforms, misguided desires and emotions, and traumas. These various limitations can be seen by the spiritually perceptive eye. They cling to our auras and bodily organs, causing emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical issues.

We can, however, cleanse ourselves and build a bridge(the Rainbow Bridge or antahkarana) between the personality and the soul. The Two Disciples explain in detail the soul mantra and cleansing whirlwind taught by the Tibetan master Djwal Khul to Alice Bailey. They claim, based on their own experience, of teaching that students have missed the essential step of inciting the soul mantra in their spiritual practice. The more we focus on our Soul Star, the more we may feel its radiance and the bridge of light linking the personality with the soul.


The Rainbow Bridge is like an electromagnetic highway connecting our higher and lower self. It pulsates with colour and frequency, earning the label ‘rainbow road’. This road has always existed within us like a line running from head to toe (and beyond), but it has become blocked and overrun with debris.

The Rainbow Bridge outlines very specific practices to clear away our limiting thoughtforms, impurities, and debris; to cleanse ourselves energetically and thereby to be able to embody our true self – our Soul.  


The Rainbow Bridge provides a uniquely personal and renewed way into the life and teachings of Alice Bailey with easy-to-understand tools and explanations to access the wisdom we all hold at our core. For the individual fascinated by the teachings of Alice Bailey and her enigmatic source, Djwal Khul, this work provides an important, practical, accessible, yet often overlooked addition to their teachings.

Further Reading By This Author

Two Disciples seem to have only written The Rainbow Bridge, though some versions have the second and first phases published as two books rather than one. They also published a short illustrative work called ‘Rainbow Bridge Visualizations' which guides the reader step-by-step through (arguably) the most important technique in their primary work.

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