‘The Christ frequency is dormant in most men, but it is as if the radio station is still playing, and the receiver needs to be tuned. And once the receiver is tuned, all men begin to play the same music, and the music is beautiful.’
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In Summary

Humans are like radios picking up different frequencies – tune into the divine channel and your life will be charged with I AM energy.


August 16th 1987. Throngs of the faithful gather hand-in-hand across the globe, clustered around alleged ‘power centres’, such as Mt Shasta and Mt Fuji. Aztec lore foretold that the nine cycles of Hell – begun when Cortés landed in Mexico nearly 500 years earlier – would come to a climactic close that summer’s eve, causing the planets to align and cosmic energy to pulsate with precious vigour. Hearing whispers about this ‘Harmonic Convergence’, Paul Selig, a playwright and writing instructor at NYU, took to his rooftop, elevating himself beyond the Manhattan glow to the starry vault above. For whatever reason – or at a loss for reason – he found himself crying out in the dark, begging to be ‘woken up.’ Selig claims energy subsequently moved from the base of his ‘being all the way up to the top’ of his head, leaving him temporarily ‘paralysed and swaying’ on the rooftop, watching the heavens blur with freckled night.

Seeking a broader context for such experiences, Selig began working at Marianne Williamson’s Manhattan Center for Living, where he apparently learned how to telepathically sense, impact and channel the bodily energy of others. Eventually, his skills evolved beyond nearby bodies, beginning to converse with those who had no bodies at all. As a playwright, he had channelled the spirit of his dramatic characters onto the written page; now he channelled the wisdom of Ascended Masters – those ancient shepherds of souls – into the world. One of these disembodied Masters instructed Selig to find a Bible, go to the gospel of John and read aloud: ‘In the beginning was the Word...’ This seminal moment later inspired the publication of I Am the Word in 2010, followed by seven channelled texts over the next decade.


According to Selig’s visions, all things throb with frequency. At a molecular level, matter vibrates with higher and lower energy just like radio waves vibrate at different frequencies (for example, 103.5 FM). As such, humans are like walking antennas, picking up the frequencies to which our bodies are attuned. When our psychological dials are set to lower frequencies, we put out and pick up negative signals, broadcasting timidity, despair or conceit. Yet if we kick things up a notch, we can begin to tune in to positive vibrations, aligning with the higher frequency of Christ (who is portrayed as vastly different from his role in traditional Christianity). Rising up into these heavenly fields of energy fills us with timeless wonder, unconditional love, courage, confidence and forgiveness, making us new in Christ. This ‘Christed Self will become realised within you to the extent that you align to its vibration.’

Inasmuch as we channel these higher frequencies, we also become one with their divine source and with all other beings, uniting in a crescendo of Creator and creation. Just as the notes of a song can wed into harmonious unison, or the many waves of the sea merge into a tidal greatness, so too can all beings vibrate as one Being. All things are one with God at these higher levels. Since there is ultimately nothing outside of this divine Being, then logically there can be no one outside of God’s love sentenced to hell: ‘Man cannot be put outside of God because God is everything.’ Our separation from the Creator is merely a hoax of the lower frequencies, as are all human divisions and conflicts: ‘It was always [an] illusion that there was war.’

In John 1:1, Jesus is described as the creative Word: ‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God… Through him all things were made…’ Since we are one with Jesus – and Jesus is the Word through which all things were made – then the world is made through us. By boldly accepting our creative power as the Word, we can recreate our reality, transmitting higher and healthier frequencies into being. You have the power to be ‘superman,’ you ‘just forgot it.’ In fact, we subconsciously created the very trials we now undergo and, through overcoming them – as well as the ‘boulders’ of our false beliefs – we project more and more of Christ’s consciousness into reality, reshaping earth to chime along with our rising frequency. To maximise this power, Selig suggests we repeatedly declare, ‘I am the Word’, applying this phrase to our particular needs at the time, for ‘Word is action. It is creation.’


If Selig truly is channelling otherworldly beings – and assuming these beings really do have our best interests at heart – there could be almost nothing as important as finding out what they have to say. Insofar as Ascended Masters are believed to have overcome the obstacles of the material world, they can reveal the way forwards, reaching down to pull us up. Their teachings further show us not only how to transcend the limitations of the physical world, but how to harness our frequencies and the Word to recreate and replenish the cosmos.

This work also claims to offer empowerment and affirmation to its readers. It was ‘always illusion that you were not loved by your fellow man.’ In reality, you are ‘perfect’, and so need not heed the false failures in yourself and others. This realisation that we are divine – that we define the world’s value and not the other way around – always holds the promise of self-worth. This promise is allegedly fulfilled every time we repeat the mantra of the book’s title, combining it with whatever declaration we need in order to claim and actualise our fullest self: ‘I am worth my journey. Word I am Word.’

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